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RMCA Professionals Business Network Event (14 March 2015)

Opera Night 歌劇之夜@ Rivendell 2014 (2014年11月1日)

Mama's Wok, as part of Lokvale Group, contributed to this event by donating Raffle Prize "Dinner for 10"


Grand Opening Event 盛大的開幕活動 (2014年5月18日)

Our Grand Opening Event held last Sunday 18 May was an amazing success! The restaurant was not only buzzing and packed with cheerful diners and thrilled prize recipients, all the staff had a most delightful day as well.


Our sponsor, Yummy TimesTM, was incredible. Their mascot drew in an awesome crowd and over 100 prizes were given away from the Yummy FortuneTM  wheel.

我們的贊助商,Yummy Times給予了極大的支持,他們的吉祥畫不可思議,人們從Yummy Times大轉盤中帶走了超過100份的禮物。

Our VIP Event 我們的VIP活動 (2014年5月5日)


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