關於我們 Mama’s Wok is an up and trendy restaurant, which introduces its patrons to the authentic delights of Asian and Chinese cuisine. The dining environment is inspired by the rustic look of Southern China, whilst combining modern elements into the architecture. This restaurant is created to provide diners with a unique and complete dining experience where the environment complements the food, thus allowing one to relax and enjoy the beauties of life. In line with its name, Mama’s Wok cooks up the authentic home-style flavour in a trendy yet traditional environment, providing the perfect mix of Asian dining for today’s modern society. 媽媽小廚是一間與潮流並肩的餐館,為食客引入了亞洲和中國的地道美食。用餐環境的靈感來自中國南方的質樸外感,同時在建築中合成了現代元素。這間餐館的建造是為食客提供一個特別並完整的用餐體驗,環境輔助食品,從而使食客放鬆,並享受生活之美。正如其名, Mama’s Wok烹調潮流的正宗家常口味加上其傳統的環境,為食客提供現代時代社會的完美組合。 Whether you are interested in a quick lunch or a more unwinding experience, patrons have a choice in the very intimate atmosphere with candle lit tables and soft background music. Additionally, a fully serviced bar that will operate later into the night is on its way to enhance the experiences of our customers So, whether it is a friendly gathering, business meeting, or a family dinner, Mama’s Wok will make it a memorable event. At Mama’s Wok, you can find all the flavours and features from China, particularly the South. 無論您是想選擇快速午餐或更平價的體驗,食客在親切極致的氛圍和柔和的背景音樂中做出選擇。此外,提供全方位服務的酒吧,營業至深夜,以加強客戶的體驗。


The philosophy at Mama’s Wok is simple. Provide patrons with a memorable and complete dining experience through good quality food and a unique atmosphere. Everyone loves their mother’s cooking, and at Mama’s Wok, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Home-styled dishes created with honesty and love, served in an environment that brings out the distinct Chinese experience whilst combining the tastes of modernity. 媽媽小廚的理念非常簡單。用優質食品及獨特的環境為食客提供難忘的,全面的用餐體驗。每個人都愛自己母親的菜餚,在媽媽小廚您將得到你所希望的。創造帶有誠實,愛心的家常菜餚,在有中國風味的環境中融合著現代的口味。

Our Team

我們的團隊 Our team of experienced chefs are highly trained in the art of Chinese cooking, having developed the best culinary skills for their industry. Patrons can rest assured that they are in the best possible hands for experiencing authentic Chinese cooking. 我們經驗豐富的廚師團隊,經過高素質的中國烹飪藝術培訓,掌握了行業中最好的烹飪技能。食客可以放心地體驗地道的中國菜。 Our staff are on hand to make your dining experience a unique and unforgettable one. In line with our philosophy, our customers’ experience ranks as the highest priority. Whether it is the flavours, service or environment, Mama’s Wok is sure to give you the warm and reminiscent feelings of home. 我們的員工隨時給您獨特而難忘的用餐體驗。與我們的理念相一致,我們的顧客體驗為列為最優先等級。無論是香料,服務或環境,媽媽小廚確保給您溫暖及回想起家的感受。

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